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Ten-in-Ten: My babysteps

January 12, 2010

In light of recent developments around here, I thought it would be a good idea to gather a little encouragement from other people. Maybe I should backtrack and give off what the changes are.

We are attempting a thrice weekly vegan/vegetarian dinner plan. It’s been going awesome! We picked up a fantastic book call The Veganomican I  really recommend it to both vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores looking to explore the furthest reaches of their grocery. At first the meals simply felt incomplete without the soft squish of flesh to accompany the hard crunch of veggies. Then, after really exploring the recipes, the subtle sweet/sour/tang of the veggies became more apparent and the accompaniment of meat seemed more of a slap to the face of the goodness of veggies and spice.

We’re not doing perfectly! I have two pepperoni pizzas heating themselves up in the oven. (This is one of the 4 off nights.) But these are baby steps. And baby steps are good.

So to go along with my baby steps is Ten-in-Ten. Ten-in-Ten is the food communities promise to change something in ten weeks in 2010. I chose to move to vegan/vegetarian for 3 nights a week and lose a bit of weight I gained while on the birth control from hell.

These are my baby steps: have been only drinking water or unsweet tea, throwing away the desserts that come with the catered meals at work, not tasting the cookie dough and not keeping any “extras” around, not eating past full, tearing off any extra bread on sandwiches, ordering the smaller portions, giving myself smaller portions, passing up cheese, passing up mayonaisse, taking the stairs.

I’ve been pretty good, and I’ve very happily lost 7 pounds since having the birth control from hell replaced. That’s only eight more to go!!