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Money Idea: Make money unavailable, to make extra activities attainable

November 9, 2009


Ugh, this post has been a disaster! 1st, space cadet, like, totally. 2nd, loss of direction. 3rd, Jack Donaghey. 4th, internet crashed taking the post with it.

This attempt is like having taken a trip through a field and having accidentally dropped some of your belongings along the way only to cross the field and be told that it’s actually a minefield and what you dropped is essential to life and now you have to go back and pick them up.

Maybe not that bad…. but it feels close.

Aaaaaanywaaaaay, we here at kitchenOCD do a lot of things. We are weekend warriors and not for home repairs. We do festivals, carnivals, fairs, community events, concerts, simple walks down untravelled trails, zoos, museums, and amusement parks. Considering our budget, this is a pretty damn amazing feat.

That we do it without ever using plastic, has me patting my own back at this very moment.

It takes a bit of planning and a lot of willpower. What we do is make money unavailable. It used to be that making it unavailable meant putting it in the bank. Well, now everything is electronic, and we pull directly from the bank for necessities. This makes keeping a certain amount of funds unavailable really tricky. Because it’s still technically there in your available balance, so accidentally spending it is really easy. Then you are shit out of luck the day before your mother’s birthday when you had this thoughtful gift all lined up, and you’re left giving her a fantastic phone call to make up for it </sarcasm>. I know. I have.

Then, I discovered this nifty and kind of retro currency called cash. A brief lesson on cash (k-A¯SH). It is printed on paper. It cannot, in fact, burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. Every other country’s paper money is prettier than ours.

It’s also really good at getting out of sight, out of mind. This is how I build an activity fund:

  1. When we have money, we make it disappear (magic!) by pulling a few bucks here and there at the grocery store, gas station, or passing by the bank. Nothing big, maybe 10 here, 5 there. The important part is that it becomes part of the routine, so you can trick yourself into making it a necessity. I’m less likely to pull cash if I have to make an extra trip because then it feels extraneous.
  2. Immediately after getting home it goes out of the wallet and into the treasure trove.
  3. The treasure trove then goes out of sight on the fridge. Keeping the money from finding it’s way into my hands again isn’t hard because I start to feel this sense of accomplishment as the pile builds, like when I was a kid and did odd jobs for my mom to earn enough money to buy Christmas presents for everyone. (Sure she was technically buying them, but I’d be damned if I’d let it be a handout.) If you don’t get this sense, and need a little bit of help keeping away from the cash, allow Piggy to give a visual presentation on choosing an appropriate Cash Keeper.


Hello, Piggy. Ready to help us choose a Cash Keeper?


He may be the Rebellion’s new hope, but he borrowed 5 bucks from me to pick up some power converters and I haven’t seen a red cent since.


Good idea, Piggy. Just walk on by.


Cloning? Hmmmm… that seems like a risky venture. Heeey! Robots don’t need to be cloned!


Now who is this fine fellow?


Such a trustworthy face! With poison jab to boot!


Krogunk, I choose you! to be my Cash Keeper.

The end.

  1. November 12, 2009 3:07 am

    Hi Tiffany, or is this Tiffany? You’re such a funny person! I like the way described $. hahaha….. But that is so true about it! Especially things became so expensive nowadays. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    • November 14, 2009 4:06 am

      Oh, I’ve been drooling all over your blog for months! Just too shy (weird) to leave a comment. Thanks for returning to mine!

  2. November 15, 2009 2:01 am

    lol. funny story and photos. Coincidentally, my money seems to mysteriously disappear from my wallet too. Maybe I should find myself a piggy!

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