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Feature: Broken Meals day 4

October 7, 2009

Captain’s Log. Star date 10052009.

As lunches are consumed among civilians as a part of the “continued enrichment and development program*”, I have discovered that the civilians react uncomfortably to an individual taking pictures of their meals. I’ve spoken with the director of photography about “civilian integration” and we have decided it may be best to withdraw photographic documentation of lunches.

End transmission.

Day 4: Dinner

Day 4: Dinner

Yep, people do seem to look at you funny when you take numerous pictures of soup.

Dinner was Spaghetti with awesome Muir Glen Organic Italian Herb sauce. Taste: Okay, sauce was awesome but angel hair pasta doesn’t work well with tomato sauces. What was hiding: sauce. Where was it hiding: in the bottom of the fridge behind my wine. 😉 How long: a week.

Seriously, though, when I had my soup at work, it was just miso and spinach since I’d had a big breakfast, a co-worker looked at it. Looked at me. Then started offering his food. It was sooo tempting, his wife had made these awesome burritos! I’m telling you homemade Mexican – Mmmmmmm. I did eat the grapes, though. Thanks, Smiley!

*I’m at work because I needs money, fool!


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