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Feature: Broken Meals day 3

October 7, 2009
Day 3: Lunch

Day 3: Lunch

Captain’s Log. Star date 10042009.

The day is starting out deliciously with leftover rice being made into fried rice, hold the veggies. It is brunch after all.

Now forget lunch! Dinner was served after much laborious preparation from the mess. I hear the mess head has never dealt with deep frying before. Their efforts in the mess and the final fantastic product of their labors lifted the spirits of the crew!

End transmission.

Korean Fried Chicken Wings from Hong and Kim at Ravenous Couple. We couldn’t find any Wonder flour, so we substituted with cake flour and it turned out fantastic! Also keep those wing tips!! Freeze them and take them out later to make soup. Tastes – I’m drooling, thinking about them. What was hiding- cake flour. How old – maybe 6 months.

As the Captain mentioned above, I’ve never deep fried anything. I’ve dabbled sure with the accidental dumping of oil into a skillet. And then this was also double fried. Be still my arteries (give it a few more times). Oh yeah, and if you make it… take how many wings you think you will eat… times that by 3. You’ll still maybe need more.

Does it make sense now why there is no picture of the wings? I had the camera set up, but once they hit the table, we started tearing into them. We’d been smelling the sauce for 30 minutes!! Go to their site, they have a beautiful picture.


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