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Feature: Broken Meals day 2

October 5, 2009


Captain’s Log. Star date 10032009.

This marks the first lunch without contact with our grocery. The crew is decidedly blasé about their food choices. One even chose to ignore and sleep past this meal. This is definitely a good sign. May it continue as our journey lengthens.

At the request of No. 2, the mess withheld meat this meal. At the request of their captain, the mess used chicken stock in this meal instead of water. There was little change in the taste, and as a result the meat was not missed. Tomorrow, will start with our leftover rice. I wonder what the mess head will create?

End transmission.



Japanese Curry Rice from Marc at No Recipes. As the Captain mentioned above, we went meatless and used chicken stock to preserve the chickeny goodness. Also there wasn’t an apple to be found, so in went an almost dead pear! Tastes – goooood (duh). What was hiding- chicken stock in the back of the pantry; veggies in the crisper; pear in the fruit drawer. How old – the stock was dusty… ’nuff said.

PBJ and noodles with oyster sauce for lunch! YUM! I could drink oyster sauce and fish sauce!

  1. October 5, 2009 6:52 pm

    your daughter looks sooo cute staring down those pb and j sandwiches..thanks for stopping by our blog and telling us about the korean fried wings! We hope you guys took a photo of it?

    • October 5, 2009 11:55 pm

      Thanks!!….. and about that picture… I had the camera set up for a picture, but once those wings hit the table… they were gone! Shortcake devoured the spicy sauce on them. Guess this means I’ll have to make them again!

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