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Feature: Broken Meals day 1

October 3, 2009

Captain’s Log. Star date 10022009.

The crew is responding positively to our situation. No changes in morale have been observed. In fact, even the one referred to as “Shortcake” seems to be accepting this scrounge idea.

Dinner was wonderful. Remind me to commend the mess on not letting down their standards in the face of our situation. (Why thank, me, captain.)

End transmission.

Okay, what – Miso soup with spinach, green onions, tofu, and bonito flakes. Tastes – goooood. Where – bonito flakes were hanging on my fridge; veggies in the crisper; tofu in the cheese drawer behind the yeast (?) with the miso. How old – uuuuuuh, do you really want to know? Just kidding! Well the miso paste and bonito are pretty old, but everything else is only a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow starts the addition of lunches! These are going to be one day behind so I can actually eat.


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