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WIP: candy pears with whipped cream

September 27, 2009

Sometimes things just pop into my head and cause a ruckus I can’t ignore until I get it out. Sometimes this results in art. Sometimes in various crafts. A lot of times in food.

A various craft - Sackboy

A various craft - Sackboy

I also have a problem. It’s called “not looking shit up”. This problem is the equivalent of throwing myself off the side of a cliff and saying I discovered gravity only now it’s called pullation. Mmm hm. I like to discover reactions in cooking by trial and error it’s one of the things that I like the most about it. It’s not just about taste and aesthetics. It’s about science.

About as tasty to me as the image quality to a photographer.

About as tasty to me as the image quality appeals to a photographer.

Here is my goal: Candy Pears with Rum Whipped Cream
Here is my hypothesis: Pears with the seeds scooped out (unskinned), baked for a bit, and the poured over with melted sugar and filled with whipped cream will be delicious and beautiful.
Here is the outcome: It wasn’t.

Oh, the whipped cream was delicious, but the sugar didn’t work out the way I had hoped. Half solidified the moment it hit the dish and the other half was how I wanted it – liquidy. The pears turned brown where there wasn’t any sugar coating it and the heat from the sugar turned the pears into pearsauce. The whipped cream melted and slid all over the place and generally it was a disgusting mess of ugly. Of course, it was still covered in sugar so for a while there I dutifully told myself that no one would notice the ugly, the way no one notices the 30-year old fat gliding across a Waffle House griddle.

What went wrong? (Oh, gee, let me think.)

  • I haven’t dealt with melted sugar ever, so right there I was shooting in the dark.
  • Stirring the sugar as it melts results in hard clumpy masses and ends with a foamy, aerated look, not a smooth syrup.
  • I used ripe pears. They probably should be underripe next time. (Yes, there will be a next time.)
  • Baking the pears made them soggy. Adding hot sugar to the top made them thoroughly cooked and shapeless, except for what shape the hardened sugar made.
  • Pear skin turns brown.
  • Pouring hot sugar into a hot pan was probably not the best idea.

I also have a new way to do this, and it gives me a perfect reason to buy ramekins!! I’m thinking superfine sugar coated skinned pears with the innards scooped out, on top of sugar syrup, and filled with rum whipped cream.

NO ONE DO THIS PLEASE!!! I know there are so many talented cooks out there with a lot more time than me so give me at least a year to get this smoothed out, then have at.

Please, forgive the image quality, I threw this together really fast, and it wasn’t yummy so the image quality is punishment on the the pears for having a bad outcome.

  1. September 27, 2009 3:04 am

    wow allot of great tips to help anyone out that has tried to make this..sorry it didn’t come out the way you planned but you learned allot and taught others…thanks for the post

    • September 27, 2009 8:12 pm

      Yeah, it was a horrific fail, but now I do have a much better idea of how to finish it. Hopefully others will read this and not muck up as badly as I did!

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