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What the buck: this week in groceries 9.19.09

September 23, 2009

Someone somewhere left a real impression on me. The type of impression that makes me want to never, ever listen to anyone ever again. You see, this person was, like me, really into conservation and had some fantastic ideas! But I can think of 5 better ways right off the bat to save water than not flushing until after the second round.

  1. Leave pots and pans in the sink to fill with water as the day goes by. Oh, please, we all know everyone leaves the occasional dish in the sink!
  2. Heat water on the stove instead of running the faucet until it goes hot.
  3. Collect undrunk… unswallowed… unconsumed drinking water in a container by the sink and use that to water plants at the end of the day. Only use clean drinking water… anything else will attract bugs.
  4. Set an egg timer by the shower and slowly ween yourself off of 30 minute showers. Use the extra 25 minutes to sleeeeeeeep…. zzzzzz.
  5. Let the kids know that mermaids cannot be sucked up through the drains and into the sink. I was guilty of this train of thought when I was a wee one. And my own wee one is guilty of leaving the sink on, drain plugged, and Riolu “bathing” in the sink for 30 minutes.

There. 5 ways to conserve water and retain your dignity with guests. How about a bite to eat?


Saturday – Vegetable Stir Fry on Rice
Sunday – Scrounge, ie. headed to Chinatown and will still be stuffed from lunch 😉
Monday – Pork Bulgogi on Rice, Salad with ginger dressing
Tuesday – Teriyaki Beef Skewers, Soy Buttered Green Beans, Rice
Wednesday –
Thursday – Garlicky Chicken, soy butter green beans and red potatoes

Bask! in my 15lb bag of rice... (top left)

Bask! in my 15lb bag of rice...

And the answer to What the Buck is…. $129.34. Minus restock items…. $64.03.

Where the Buck was it spent… $13.64 – meats; $20.10 – produce; $9.84 – carbs; $7.27 –  soy/dairy; $13.18– miscellaneous; $65.31 – restock items (items lasting more than 3 weeks)

Last week’s rice spaghetti trial has a final verdict! The noodles, of course, did not have the rich, wheat-eggy taste of regular spaghetti. It had a more smooth and subtle taste of, well, rice. What drew me in was the packaging of the noodles, it had a rustic look all light blue with brown inking; however, I couldn’t get over the $7.50 price tag for 8oz. (dry) Especially, since the taste and texture are so close to the mung bean flat vermicelli that I get at about $3.00 for 1lb. (dry), and the packaging for those is no less appealing with bright, vibrant colors and exotic script (I can’t read it, so it’s exotic, leave me alone).

They were delicious, but the price left a sour note that lingered.

*The groceries I buy include lunches and snacks for a 3 person family. I had a tough time finding honest comparisons to what we spent on groceries while working on our budget. Hopefully this will help people trying to get that perspective, and help others trying to get a handle on spending, like we are.


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