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Better than a $1 store… it’s a $2 store

September 23, 2009
What are the canned things? Got those as a freebie from the grocery.

What are the canned things? Got those as a freebie from the grocery.

Look what we found! We watched this huge open stripmall get built but never thought much of it because, come on, a place called fit just screams fit-ness. As in gym. As in petite, perky Asians pretending they need to work out. I dutifully ignored it.

Except, lo and behold when we looked while driving by it turns out to be – a Japanese housewares store!!!! And everything is $2-$5. It was like heaven…. I swear we spent almost a full hour just wandering the aisles, putting random items in our basket, and then wandering back to set them back when we realized that we had picked up items we already owned but these ones were a kawaii design and covered in chibi characters! And who cares that this mohair toilet seat cover is a filth magnet? I want!

The store has tons of items that are actually very functional and not just grab inducing – school supplies, lots of food storage, baby utensils, gift wrapping, cosmetics, candy, organization supplies, etc. I still can’t believe that everything in the store was only $2 and only a few were $3, $4, or $5. The items all felt sturdy, and the shortcake was going crazy over all the bento boxes and chopstick travel cases. She got the most of all of us for good behavior cleaning up with a tea cup, plate, and chopstick rest. All total we picked up 2 plates, 3 tea cups, chopstick rest, and a soda for $15.

One of the plates was accidentally broken the next day. sad face

We’re going back, obviously. I’m polishing my debit card for the occasion.


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