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What the buck: this week in groceries 9.12.09

September 20, 2009

**Holy guacamole. I could have sworn that I finished this.**

Last night the wee one got sick (technically it was this morning but darkness=night). I thought it was just a nightmare until I went to lie down with her and promptly sat in it. She’s fine now, thank god. It was just a bit of a bad apple – drumroll, but this has prompted today to be a serious take it easy day. Which is why I’m actually getting this weeks What the buck done, uh, this week.

I just want to share something that happened today that really made me happy about people. For backstory let me say that nothing brings out the crazy like driving. Driving creates such a disassociation from humanity it’s unreal. We cease to be people to the other drivers the moment we enter a car. We become nothing more than an obstacle in their way, a barnacle on their bumper. The label we are given by the other drivers has little to do with our name, personality, or even the fact that we are living, breathing human beings. We become to them a hunk of metal named by a few letters or symbol stuck to the rear of our car that they dispassionately wave off as “stupid”, “crazy”, or “asking to die”. There is no courtesy on the road unless your face is seen and eyes are visible. To the other driver we are easily dispensable while the only thing that matters is their agenda. I’m sick of it. If it sounds like I’m pointing a finger, trust me, it is as much in my direction as anyone else’s. I’m still sick of it, and I’ve been doing a ton of driving lately. Like in the past 3 weeks I’ve logged over 3,500 miles, and after being treated like a hunk of metal and treating others like a hunk of useless metal, my good feelings toward the general populace have waned.

So that’s the backstory. The front story is at our grocery which always makes me happy just being there. Then all my favorite people were there with emphasis on people. Then, this is the part that made my day, at the checkout line I was talking with our regular check-out woman about that night and how Faye was sick. You know shooting the breeze. Well, because we were talking and not paying attention, we, and I say we because the items weren’t put on the belt – my fault, forgot some items that I had to pay for separately. Twice. And after having heard all our talking the woman behind me paid for the second round of forgotten items with a very sweet, “Just make sure your little girl gets better.”

Come on. Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

That was such an out of the blue, kind hearted thing to do, I’m still stunned. It wasn’t anything extravagant she paid for, but just that she came out of her comfort zone to offer me assistance and wish well for my daughter is incredibly touching. I hope that if I see her on the road I can remember her and remember that she is a person a living, breathing human who made my day.

That’s my feel good for the day and hopefully it will last this whole week, kind of like the menu…


Saturday – Meatless Bean Burritos
Sunday – A Nameless Experiment involving Chicken
Monday – Blackened Beef Sandwich with Caramelized Onion / Red Pepper Spread
Tuesday – Honey Curry Chicken with fruit salad
Wednesday – Lemon Caper Pasta using Rice Spaghetti (trying it out)
Thursday – Garlicky Chicken, soy butter green beans and red potatoes

The Haul

The Haul

And the answer to What the Buck is…. $92.40. Minus restock items…. $64.42.

Where the Buck was it spent… $16.07 – meats; $33.48 – produce; $9.95 – carbs; $1.98 – dairy; $2.94– miscellaneous; $27.98 – restock items (items lasting more than 3 weeks)

Vegetable heavy week. I’ve developed a craving for all things zucchini and thanks to a different blogger it’s made its way into some zucchini bread that I’m right now patiently waiting to finish baking. Yeah, right, we all know that once this post is finished I’ll be sitting in front of the oven wrapped in a blanket with my favorite novel-of-the-moment running furtive glances up to the timer. I’m also hopeful that I can pass on my love of zucchini bread to the Shortcake. I got mine from my mom and I remember many mornings digging into her zucchini bread slathered in butter…. mmmmmm. **Zucchini bread not so great. Am going to have to dig up my mom’s recipe.**

*The groceries I buy include lunches and snacks for a 3 person family. I had a tough time finding honest comparisons to what we spent on groceries while working on our budget. Hopefully this will help people trying to get that perspective, and help others trying to get a handle on spending, like we are.


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