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What the buck: this week in groceries 8.29.09

September 3, 2009

What the buck? Try why the hell. As in why the hell can’t I get this out? WTH are my dishes still dirty? WTH do Mikey and I suddenly want a cat? WTH can’t I stay up past 9:30pm?

These are all pressing and valid questions, which I’ll attempt to answer right after this nap.

Seriously! The shortcake is gone and instantly it’s like that senior year of high school when your parents trusted you enough to behave like an adult and took that extended stay at your out of state grandparent’s house leaving you to hold down the fort. Only you don’t hold down the fort. You let it gather every scrap of refuse that manages to gather in you pockets, hair, backpack, and mind. Cleaning is a myth in the face of the utter chaos reigning from the mighty grip of “unaccountability“. This is no longer your parent’s home. It is your pad decorated with the friends who don’t know your name but can readily recognize the look of lazy confidence in one’s borrowed adulthood.

Yes, that is the state of our lives, our apartment. The child is the beacon around which our responsibility clusters to hold together the flimsy pieces of our adult behavior. Our bills are still getting paid, it’s just it gets really hard to remember why we should eat at the table. Why the bed shouldn’t be in front of the TV. Why birthday suit is not a perfectly acceptable alternative to bath robe. And why cursing at those damn forks for not putting themselves away is an overuse of the precious gift of foul language. We have forgotten these reasons. And it is time we remember. And we better remember fucking fast because our beacon of responsibility comes home on Sunday. (Ah, foul language… how I will miss thee in the bright light of day.)

Our menu is the biggest sufferer though. We’ve eaten out more times than I care to remember. The last time the waiter took his tip of cash and charged us an extra fucking tip that was more than our cash tip. It was like a little reminder that we only jip ourselves when the menu is neglected. So this week I’m only going to do general numbers not exact cents of what I spent. I really just don’t want to forget to get back into the habit of doing this for myself.

No picture either.



Friday – Sausage and Eggs
Saturday – Eggplant Parmesan
Sunday – BBQ Chicken Pizza
Monday – Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Tuesday – Spicy Pepper Pork with Rice
Wednesday – Southwest Chicken Wraps
Thursday – Karaage with Oranges

And the answer to What the Buck is…. $120.00. Minus restock items…. $130.00.

Where the Buck was it spent… $10 – meats; $30 – produce; $15 – carbs; $20 – dairy; $45 – miscellaneous; $0 – restock items (items lasting more than 3 weeks)

Wine and soda. Good deal. Those are the miscellaneous items. I’m sipping on the wine right now which may explain the long winded rant about parent and responsibility and glug-glug-glug. WTH did I forget to put in partying?

*The groceries I buy include lunches and snacks for a 3 person family. I had a tough time finding honest comparisons to what we spent on groceries while working on our budget. Hopefully this will help people trying to get that perspective, and help others trying to get a handle on spending, like we are.

  1. squintingeyes permalink
    September 3, 2009 2:21 am

    $120 a week for 3 people is really good. Your menu has a great variety. I’d love to try spicy pepper pork and southwest chicken wrap:)

    • September 4, 2009 4:07 am

      Technically 2… shortcake is out of town at grandparent’s. And almost half of that was sodas and wine….. o.O

      She’s getting candy. I’m getting soda!

  2. kristy permalink
    September 3, 2009 7:37 am

    You’re really well managed! I plan my budget too but in different way that’s it! Tell you what! The cheapest menu of the day was having porridge. Juz add some eggs and some pickled radish or vegies. Spent not more than $3.00/meal for 4 persons. Yet healthy!

    • September 4, 2009 4:08 am

      Mmmmm… porridge. What was the base for the porridge? I use rice sometimes, but nothing really beats grits with pepper and bacon!

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