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Community input for Culinary Snapshot

August 13, 2009

Culinary Snapshot has an interesting new feature they are trying out. “Through My Lens – An Experiment in Interpretation” is just that. They want to see how everyone views food. Not everyone is going to put a flower next to a cake or use a blue bowl for their pho`. The recipe everyone participating is called to make is a simple chocolate chip cookie from Dine and Dish.
I’m not going to rewrite everything, just saying it’s a cool idea and a great way to start getting active in the foodie community.
For information on the feature and how to participate head over to Culinary Snapshot.
Get snapping!!

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  1. August 13, 2009 9:49 pm

    Wow – thanks so much for the mention! I hope that everyone gets a lot out of the Through My Lens event :)

    • August 14, 2009 12:26 pm

      I know I’m looking forward to it!

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