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What the Buck: this week in groceries 7.18.09

July 23, 2009

Last week was a sad one. The temporary assignment that I had been working on ended. My wonderful co-workers tried so hard to get me a permanent position with the company, though, that I left with a really good feeling. Once, I got home and realized the I had nothing to do… well, not so much with the good vibes. I did find one thing that really lifts my spirits and that’s getting back to making basic necessities on my own like bread and soup. Faye is home with me now and she is a huge help in the kitchen. She also cleans my room for me. Score!

What does that have to do with What the buck? Uh, I made a lot of cookies the last 2 weeks. A lot. Hell, I had a freaking cookie party with a friend of mine and filled both our kids so bad that mine passed out for 4 hours when the sugar wore off! Of course, it wasn’t the kids that attacked the leftover melted white chocolate and coconut with spoons, but who’s counting.

So cookies are keeping me busy and happy (fingers crossed on not fat), and the 3 day dinner (maybe a future feature) is what’s keeping me cheap… -ish. MENU TIME!


Saturday – Meatless Burrito with Homemade Salsa and Avacado Dip
Sunday – (1st day) Garlicky Whole Chicken with Stir Fry and Rice
Monday – (2nd Day) Chicken Salad
Tuesday – (3rd Day) Chicken Wonton Soup
Wednesday – Tortillas with Double Layer Beef Bean Dip
Thursday – Pancakes and Fruit

Every meal has a vegetable or fruit even if it doesn’t say it. I did some calculations and one of my previous hangups was that I always associated veggies with being expensive. On paper they are almost as expensive as meat! Except compare the density of veggies versus meat – 1lb of ground beef will serve about 4 people, 1lb of beans will serve an army! Next week I’ll have to remember this new found revelation.

How did I do? Can I buy a new shirt for myself?

Groceries... amazing in their grace and timing

Groceries... amazing in their grace and subtle beauty

The answer to What the Buck is…. $114.76. Minus restock items…. $106.95.

Where the Buck was it spent… $24.36 – meats; $28.06 – produce; $15.42 – carbs; $12.44 – dairy; $26.65 – miscellaneous; $7.81 – restock items (items lasting more than 3 weeks)

And the answer is…. it doesn’t matter because I already bought the shirt! Bwahahaha.


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