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What the Buck: this week in groceries 7.04.09

July 3, 2009

It’s the 4th of July weekend!! That means cake! Yes, cake. We are having cake. Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. A cake that’s red for a red, white, and blue weekend. Cake.




That’s not all we’re having of course. I know I’ve said it alot on Twitter, but like cake, it needs to be said again – Houston is fucking hot in the summer. It’s completely drained us of any desire to cook or eat. But since I threw a slight hissy fit because of all the $3-$5 food entries in Quicken we had this week, I’m going to seriously get us back in gear. This week is a little fuller of a menu with Friday (today) off, we had to scurry to add another day into the menu, as well as, lunches and breakfast. We really only plan on dinners in written form, then add a few grab items for lunches and cereals for breakfasts.


Friday – Honeydew Milkshakes (I said it was hot, and like Smoothie King, they will be made to be a meal replacement)
Saturday – Hamburgers, Roasted Root Veggies, and Red Velvet Cake
Sunday – Spaghetti with Spicy Italian Sausage and Side Salads
Monday – Rice with whatever is sneaking around the fridge
Tuesday – Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes with Fruit
Wednesday – Brinner (as coined by Scrubs. ❤ you Turkleton!) and Fruit Salad
Thursday – 1/2 BBQ Chicken & 1/2 Bacon Spinach Pizza on the Flax Meal Pizza Dough

Every so often we do what we are doing on Monday. It makes us creative with what we find. It’s actually what gave us the balls to try roasting some veggies from the carrots, parsnips, green pepper, potatoes, and onions lurking in the veggie drawer. Yum!

Tuna Sushi... completely yum but I need someone else to blame in case I get sick!

Tuna Sushi... completely yum but I need someone else to blame in case I get sick!

So with the extra day, cake, produce happy grabbing, and splurging on some crazy-ass amazing tuna which I made into sushi, how did I do?

The answer to What the Buck is…. $113.76. Minus restock items…. $101.70.

Where the Buck was it spent… $29.25 – meats; $28.31 – produce; $12.34 – carbs; $25.18 – dairy; $6.62 – miscellaneous; $12.06 – restock items (items lasting more than 3 weeks)

What the Buck?! - groceries July 04 week

What the Buck?! - groceries July 04 week



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