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Been poor, not busy

July 2, 2009

Title says it all. We’ve not only been poor, but also HOT. Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot. Hot. Once more. Hot.
Since it’s been so hot and with such large windows in the apartment, it’s impossible to even make toast without raising the apartment temperature by 5°. We’ve been eating out a lot more and enjoying frosty shakes during walks way too much. Still our month’s food total is $575, compare with last year’s $1016, and you won’t see me complaining!
Oh, yeah, so being poor and hot, mostly hot, completely makes me lazy about posting anything.

Me: Hey, that looks good! Why not post it.
Myself: That means I’d have to get out the camera.
Me: So?
Myself: So it’s under the table under a tablecloth.
Me: So?
Myself: Tablecloths make it like .5° hotter under the table.
Me: Good God. Am I really, seriously not going to post because of .5°?
Myself: Damn straight. Now stop talking. Inner dialogue is making my brain run .015° hotter.

I’m posting right now because I am so close to the fan I’m worried about catching my hair in it.



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