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What the buck: this week in groceries 06.13.09

June 13, 2009
Groceries for a week in June

Groceries for a week in June

Phew! Mikey and I sat down fully intending to eat a week of spaghetti. I swear it! Just the thought didn’t sit so well when I had an idea for pot pie I wanted to try out. Then, a bad lunch of nasty Mexican gave Mikey a need to erase it with some homemade bean burritos. Faye wanted some chicken, rice, and beans. What’s a Challenge that Food Budgeter contestant to do?!

Inventory the cabinets and refrigerator and build a weekly menu around what needs to be used or can be used that we already have available. This is what Mikey and I came up with:

Sat – German Lager Chicken Pot Pie (if it’s good, I’ll post the recipe on Monday)
Sun – BBQ Chicken Pizza with Homemade Dough
Mon – Broiled Fennel Steak & Roasted Root Veggies
Tue – Refried Bean Burritos
Wed – Scrounge (Mikey is getting fillings, so we’ll all probably eat oatmeal)
Thu – Tex Mex Chicken, Rice, & Beans

I divided my list between several different places, none out of the way of the other – gas conservation is another name of the game! The new Wal-Mart that is near us carries a lot of organic and all-natural food products. I don’t trust the produce but will pick up my boxed stuff there. Then, we have a farmer’s market that’s open early on Saturday and I got an awesome deal on green beans! Lastly, we go to our regular market for the rest of our produce and meat, because the market gets their meats from smallish, local farms that don’t use any hormones, antibiotics, or the like, and practice ethical animal husbandry. Do a little research and find a market that not only fits your budgetary needs but also your ideals regarding treatment of animals, conservation, and farming. Many farms, farmer’s markets, grocery markets, and the like have their own websites now, to help with that decision.

Oh my god, if you don’t already, find yourself a four year old and to help with your grocery shopping!

Hey, Faye, will you go to the bakery and ask for 3 croissants?
Okay, sure.
Can you say that back for me?
3 ‘sants.
KRA-sants, Faye. 3 KRA-sants.
3 KRA-sants. Runs over to the bakery counter. HEEEEY! I NEED 3 KRA-SANTS! KRA-SANTS! 3 OF THEM! PLEASE. At this point the poor person behind the counter (which is a half foot above Faye’s head) is whipping her head around trying to locate the source of this obnoxious, high pitched voice blaring a desperate need to get her KRA-sants before she forgets how to say it. I swear I helped out once I stopped laughing into the cilantro!

I said that the challenge was $80 dollars. I was not able to keep my sticky fingers from grabbing a few extra things, or letting Faye get some grapes for helping out so well.

Our final total for this week’s meals is….. $81.78! A little over, but I am counting it as a win! Here’s a breakdown:

Produce – $18.58
Meat – $22.32
Breads and Other – $40.88

The best way to cut the most is to eat properly proportioned meals.


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