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Challenge. That. Food Budgeter!

June 12, 2009

Yeah, it’s that time again. Pay day! It elicits both great happiness (money!) and great mourning (student loans!), but overall, I see it as a challenge to my abilities as an obsessive number cruncher (I should have been an accountant, but noooo! I had to go to artsy fartsy college and meet the man of my dreams. :P).

The challenge is…  3 mouths must be fed 6 dinners, 7 lunches, 7 breakfasts, 4 snacks, and 1 dinner at a restaurant. The rules: only fresh fruits and veggies; no preservatives, artifical colors, artificial flavors, hormones, or antibiotics; no trans fats or hydrogenated oils; restaurant cannot be fast-food or casual dining with dubious ingredients. Here’s 100 dollars-GO!

Can I do it?! Does Mikey have the strength to keep me away from our local markets exhorbitantly priced exotic fruit?

Remember the next episode of Challenge that Food Budgeter posts next week….

Update: That braised roast is never ending. It’s now going to lunch with me tomorrow as a salad with aji-mirin and rice vinegar dressing.


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