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My Saturday project to trump homemade bat shit lunch plates

May 20, 2009

In the small circle of heaven where I live outside Houston, this not-so-small community is doing some serious good for the green movement: easy recycling, bike trails to EVERYWHERE, and large selections of eco-friendly/organic products/food at grocery stores. I’m surprised I don’t have to shave off a granola beard every morning.

Since, being an enco-friend is so easy here, I start thinking, how can I become an eco-fiend? You’ve seen an eco-fiend, I’m positive… The ones who have loads of reusable shopping and produce bags, hemp T-shirts, and cry whenever a Hummer passes by (I throw dirty looks. Almost there!). The ones who load up on biodegradable garbage bags and lunch plates made from sterilized, pressed bat shit that becomes fertilizer. Yes, I aspire to be an eco-fiend. Only I want to take it one step further.

I want to make my own sterilized, pressed bat shit fertilizing lunch plates!

Wooh, let’s step back for a moment and realize that that is disgusting. I mean, there are cornstarch plates to remove the ick factor. Instead I’ll take one Saturday project of making reusable produce bags, please.

I could easily buy a bunch, but that is $4 for 3 medium, plus shipping, handling, and tax. Then, thinking backwards, I consider the gas it takes for the truck to transfer it (maybe more than once and overseas), packaging, and the fact I have a few bolts of linen left over from backing my curtains that are collecting dust in my closet, right next to the yarn that could easily become a drawstring.

What do you pay for that could, with a bit of work, be made from things lying around your home?

Pics and tutorial to come!


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