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Recipe: Recycle those old fruits, deliciously!

May 19, 2009

We’ve all done it. Bought bushels of fruit to make for that pie, cake, yogurt, snack, etc., then come to realize that after the n-th peach all you wanted to do was sink Georgia to the bottom of the ocean. Well, you’re still stuck with bushels of peaches, and in this kitchen  “waste not, want not” isn’t just a mantra, it’s a way of life. We recycle everything right down to the little bits of paper that hold together the bunches of noodles.

So, throwing away fruit, whether we like it or not, is not an option. What do you do with it? Freeze it. Wash, cut, and toss those suckers into a large container in the freezer. Let them slowly understand that they will not be allowed to go quietly into the night. Theirs is a much larger purpose. A much healthier purpose. A deliciously, recycled purpose. One that fulfills the penny-pinching budget maker in me, the environmentalist streak running through my husband, and every child’s OMG I’m getting something I shouldn’t whenever I want mentality of our daughter. It’s popsicles. Straight fruit popsicles without any added sugar.

Bananas can be thrown in whole, the peel rinses off easily after it’s frozen. Melons should obviously be skinned and diced. Strawberries just need the tops removed. Apples cored. I’m not going to list them all off, but basically remember that the fruit will be frozen when you use them, so make sure they go in in a way you can just grab and use.

Frozen Fruit

Star Fruit, Cantaloupe, Honeydew

Since it’s seriously like handing her an apple, I never think twice about giving Faye a popsicle when she asks for it. Add a little milk or peanut butter to give more of an energy boost, it is swim season after all. Just resist adding extra sugar, the over-ripe fruit has more than enough.

Recycle Fruit Popsicles

Servings: 2 cups

2 cups frozen fruit
water or milk or combination

1. Fill the blender to the 2 cup line with your frozen fruit. Add liquid til almost covering the fruit. Blend til smooth about 2 minutes.
2. Slowly pour out into popsicle trays. Freeze 4 hours or overnight.

Here’s the energy one that I give to Faye if we’ve had a busy day!

Chocolate Peanut-Butter Banana Popsicle

Servings: 2 cups

2 overripe bananas
1 Tbsp cocoa powder
2 Tbsp creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup water
3/4 cup milk

1. Run the frozen bananas under cold water to peel away the skin. Throw everything in a blender on high for 3 minutes.
2. Pour into popsicle trays and freeze for 4 hours or overnight.

These will last for about two weeks, but I doubt they’ll make it til then. 🙂

The extras make delicious smoothies... deliciously delicious!

The extras make delicious smoothies... deliciously delicious!


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