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A little one-track minded at the moment…

May 10, 2009

Okay, so my mind is stuck on what the fuck is up with my plants mode. WTF is up is this – herb garden is infested with fungus gnats. Yeah, gnats. Then these little white bastards started showing up in my soil freaking me out. Of course, melodramatic Tiffany takes the reigns and she decides that everything must be thrown out. The plants, soil, boxes, thumbs – everything. Then the Tiffany that does the checkbook steps in, pushes dollar-burning drama-Tiffany out the proverbial window and uses the internet for its true purpose. Researching pest control and frugality.

First off, the infinite knowledge of the internet bestowed upon me a name for these foul beasts – fungus gnats.

Their purpose – adults, to annoy me to death; the larvae, to eat my plants.

Their destruction – adults, apple cider vinegar and dishsoap left in a bowl covered with cellophane; the larvae, slice of potato onto which they will crawl to the dumpster which it will be taken.

Lemon juice like I was doing works pretty well, but only on the adults as I’ve notice.

The prevention – allowing 2 weeks between watering plants (colonies thrive in moisture); using soil without woodchips (we have “organic” which is basically ground wood ::grrrr::); layering with petemoss.

This is just a Cliff notes for taking care of these beasts, and the information is from this little forum post. It’s the answer from “Ellen” or just do your own Google search on fungus gnats. There aren’t any pictures for the last few posts because, well, they just large enough not to be microscopic making my lens inadequate……… and there wasn’t enough light to catch them.

Tiffany out.


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