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Turning a black thumb green-nurturing an herb garden

April 27, 2009

Here’s my garden. It’s supposed to be an indoor herb garden that due to lack of planning ended up being an outdoor herb garden. Well, it wasn’t lack up planning. It was cold, hard realism.

I cannot keep plants alive. I don’t know why, but those little suckers take one look at me and curl back underground. So when the little buds showed up, my gut reaction was “it’ll be over by tomorrow”. A week went by and the buds kept getting larger. When it hit the time for them to be moved from their starter green garden, it still hadn’t entered my addled brain that these herb buds were just as determined to become an herb garden as I was to have one. So, they ended up in one of the outdoor containers. The other container has some flowers. Incidentally, those flowers were distributed to my apartment complex by a neighborhood church for Easter. One was at our door; the other two were pilfered from empty apartments. That they still live – divine intervention? That the herbs still live – divine leakage?

Or maybe the reason they are making it is because I did some major research this time around. The biggest help for me was this article from Do a little research and keep in mind these things before starting to plant: climate, size at maturity, light needs, water needs, types of soil (it does matter!), growing difficulty.

We started using some of the “guaranteed to grow” seeds and the indoor greenhouse pods. Planted cilantro, chives (thought they were green onions), and lavender.


Those little pods quadrupled in size… reminded me of those dinosaur pills from the 80’s.

Dirt Pods

Cilantro… the number two herb that I reach for and go “CRAP! That’s right, I don’t have any!”


Green Onions… the number one herb/plant-thingy that I couldn’t have enough of if it grew as my lawn. These are growing from a root that I cut off a stalk from the store. Supposedly, I can just keep cutting off the green part until it stop regenerating. We’ll see ::sinister laugh::.

Green Onions

The flowers. No, that’s not the hand of God. That’s the hand of my daughter. Though if it was God’s hand, I’d be pissed he didn’t share his moisturizing tips with us.


Funny story. I was still being pessimistic when we  moved the buds to the outdoor planter. Those pods that had a bud visibly growing were planted. The rest were opened up and the soil used in the planter. Turns out lavender and cilantro take longer to grow, so now the lavender and cilantro are just popping up everywhere because we tossed them to the wind (figuratively). Lavendar is still really small, so small in fact, that I’m not sure it’s even lavender; hence, no picture.


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