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(hahaha!) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

May 3, 2010

*I probably shouldn’t be bothering to post this. It has so many things that just don’t stack up anymore. I just find this post funny. I may even make a follow up post that highlights all the things that are SO WRONG now. My life is so fluid it’s hard to set anything on the record.*

Oh, my gosh! It’s the New Year!

So many things happened last  year. I had my first experience with unemployment benefits. I started this blog. My daughter is writing her name beautifully. We began actively looking for a house. I have found enormous amounts of job satisfaction. And on a more personal note, my mother is finally becoming free of the person who made her life hell for 30 years and mine for 17.

The changes have been tremendous and now more changes are coming. Since we started looking for a house, the apartment isn’t the only thing we’ve grown out of. I’ve grown past this blog. There are more aspects of life that I want to share than just food and I’m finding it hard to put everything in a single column, under one image, all supposedly associating with a kitchen. Because the fact is, lately, I’ve had a lot more than recipes floating in my head. I’ve had money saving, lifestyle changes, gadgetry, recycling, the list goes on.

kitchenOCD is the second stepping stone towards me getting to where I want to be in the blogosphere. Yes, I had another blog that I grew out of. The idea was there and kitchenOCD has a lot the previous blog in it, but like it’s predecessor the title really restricted me. I know it’s my blog, it just feels odd to have a blog call “Puppies are the Ultimate Pet” and have a bunch of posts about kittens.

I am so not saying, “Goodbye”!

I’m saying that this year is one for changes! And I am so ready to publish my post “Tampons, Recycling, and You” on a new blog (see, it just doesn’t fit here). I hope everyone will follow me when the change over comes!

Until then, there will still be posts and I’ll definitely be keeping my FoodBuzz and Twitter names (BakerTiffany) and will still be loving on my Twitter folks.