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(hahaha!) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

May 3, 2010

*I probably shouldn’t be bothering to post this. It has so many things that just don’t stack up anymore. I just find this post funny. I may even make a follow up post that highlights all the things that are SO WRONG now. My life is so fluid it’s hard to set anything on the record.*

Oh, my gosh! It’s the New Year!

So many things happened last  year. I had my first experience with unemployment benefits. I started this blog. My daughter is writing her name beautifully. We began actively looking for a house. I have found enormous amounts of job satisfaction. And on a more personal note, my mother is finally becoming free of the person who made her life hell for 30 years and mine for 17.

The changes have been tremendous and now more changes are coming. Since we started looking for a house, the apartment isn’t the only thing we’ve grown out of. I’ve grown past this blog. There are more aspects of life that I want to share than just food and I’m finding it hard to put everything in a single column, under one image, all supposedly associating with a kitchen. Because the fact is, lately, I’ve had a lot more than recipes floating in my head. I’ve had money saving, lifestyle changes, gadgetry, recycling, the list goes on.

kitchenOCD is the second stepping stone towards me getting to where I want to be in the blogosphere. Yes, I had another blog that I grew out of. The idea was there and kitchenOCD has a lot the previous blog in it, but like it’s predecessor the title really restricted me. I know it’s my blog, it just feels odd to have a blog call “Puppies are the Ultimate Pet” and have a bunch of posts about kittens.

I am so not saying, “Goodbye”!

I’m saying that this year is one for changes! And I am so ready to publish my post “Tampons, Recycling, and You” on a new blog (see, it just doesn’t fit here). I hope everyone will follow me when the change over comes!

Until then, there will still be posts and I’ll definitely be keeping my FoodBuzz and Twitter names (BakerTiffany) and will still be loving on my Twitter folks.


Stop Doing That

February 2, 2010

I have been absent from a lot for a long time. It’s been a month since I’ve written a post. It was over a week since I’d been on Twitter. It’s been months since I’ve really done anything on FoodBuzz.

Why? Work. Plain and simple.

Second Why? Because remember how before I wrote that I’d grown out of kOCD? Well, I have a new site that encompasses a little more.

StopDoingThat is the brainchild of my brain. It gives me a little more legroom to run wild with my thoughts. It’s also one of the phrases that I yell both mentally and verbally several times a day. I hope you’ll follow me over to the new site and just enjoy what you see/read.


Ten-in-Ten: My babysteps

January 12, 2010

In light of recent developments around here, I thought it would be a good idea to gather a little encouragement from other people. Maybe I should backtrack and give off what the changes are.

We are attempting a thrice weekly vegan/vegetarian dinner plan. It’s been going awesome! We picked up a fantastic book call The Veganomican I  really recommend it to both vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores looking to explore the furthest reaches of their grocery. At first the meals simply felt incomplete without the soft squish of flesh to accompany the hard crunch of veggies. Then, after really exploring the recipes, the subtle sweet/sour/tang of the veggies became more apparent and the accompaniment of meat seemed more of a slap to the face of the goodness of veggies and spice.

We’re not doing perfectly! I have two pepperoni pizzas heating themselves up in the oven. (This is one of the 4 off nights.) But these are baby steps. And baby steps are good.

So to go along with my baby steps is Ten-in-Ten. Ten-in-Ten is the food communities promise to change something in ten weeks in 2010. I chose to move to vegan/vegetarian for 3 nights a week and lose a bit of weight I gained while on the birth control from hell.

These are my baby steps: have been only drinking water or unsweet tea, throwing away the desserts that come with the catered meals at work, not tasting the cookie dough and not keeping any “extras” around, not eating past full, tearing off any extra bread on sandwiches, ordering the smaller portions, giving myself smaller portions, passing up cheese, passing up mayonaisse, taking the stairs.

I’ve been pretty good, and I’ve very happily lost 7 pounds since having the birth control from hell replaced. That’s only eight more to go!!

Gingerbread House material acquirement and construction

December 22, 2009

Hmmm… everything is looking pretty good, but just so I don’t become complacent I’m compiling a list of current fails.

1) butter was frozen not 30 seconds ago and is now creating massive fat lumps in the brown sugar #fail
2) I am already sneaking bits of said brown sugar fat lumps #unhealthyfail
3) Mikey has made the following joke, “Bah, gingerbread houses are so last year. It’s gingerbread condos, now!” #spendingtoomuchtimewithmefail

I have just been informed that the above quote was taken from a Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends‘ Bloo. His cool factor is restored. Unfortunately, the use of “cool factor” by yours truly solidifies my own cool factor permanently at dork.

Ooookay… gingerbread houses and spontaneity do not mix. “… refrigerate at least 2 hours”. Hmmmm… breaktime! The dough is in the fridge and we are headed out to celebrate the towns Horses and Carriages Parade.

Oh, yeah. I got to use my dough hooks for the first time #win.


I take breaks seriously. That last one went all night! We are just now taking the dough out to start rolling and cutting, and, word of the wise, when Simply Recipes says –

4 Wrap the dough in plastic wrap

-it means unroll a sheet of plastic wrap, drop all the dough onto it, and wrap it in the plastic wrap. Not, as I’ve found by my efforts to extract hardened gingerbread dough from the mixing bowl, cover the top of the bowl with plastic wrap. #fail (Boy, these are piling up. Oh, noes!)

So, I have issues with the word “liberally”. My idea of liberally applying is so much different from other peoples. As displayed in the picture montage, started with a clean surface, “liberally” applied flour, then applied the moose poo (er, gingerbread dough), failed, reapplied an actual liberal amount of flour, and won.

Shortcake was so awesome with a rolling pin. I’m tempted to make add that to her egg cracking and whisking repertoire, along with cookie cutting.

Bake, remove, let sit…. and sit… and sit….



During this time I am working very long days at work, making this two day project into a week long project. This post was started on the day the gingerbread was started – December 9th. The gingerbread houses weren’t finished until this week on December 15th. So, really sorry about the incredibly choppy writing. Most of it was done while I was dog tired, and now I’m trying to finish it up even though I’ve forgotten what happened. YIKES!!


Putting it together. In terrible lighting. LOL

Mmmmm… candy. I totally forgot the Mikey loves anything jelly and made the mistake of buying spice drops, gummy fruit, Swedish Fish, and tropical Skittles. We ate half the bag of Skittles, most of the spice drops, and you’ll probably notice later that none of the fish made it onto the gingerbread houses.

And below you will notice the difference in shooting at night after a 10 hour work day and a Saturday morning after a 10 hour sleep.

Completion! Shortcake told me she didn’t want a gingerbread house, so she has a gingerbread birthday cake. She took one look at my candy oozing down the sides of my house and told me very gently, “Look, mommy, I put all my candy on top, so nothing slides off. You do that because yours is starting to look yucky.”

Wow. Told.

We are now all beyond capacity for sugar. One-fourth of my candy has slid down the sides of my gingerbread house, while Shortcake’s are all where she put them. Moral of the story. Gingerbread is tricky. This could take years to perfect.

Let the good times roll.

Wherein I attempt to make a gingerbread house

December 9, 2009

Thanks to some convoluted idea that a ginger bread house is easy peasy to make, the first gingerbread house I ever made was 1/4 gingerbread and icing, 3/4 caulking and cardboard. I was pregnant at the time and determined to have the Hallmark Christmas. The stupid thing brought me to tears and being the awesome man that he is, Mikey, immediately grabbed the offending house and tossed it out the apartment window, over the balcony, and into the wooded void. Banishment!

He is my hero.

I’ve gotten better at cooking and no longer have any of those crazy preggers hormones to get in my way! Unfortunately, my expertise with gingerbread houses only comes from eating them. So for a little guidance, I turned to Simply Recipes. And guidance she gives! The recipe is filled with the tips you would expect to get while spending a lifetime cooking with your grandmother. Which makes sense, since it is a blog filled with decades of family recipes and techniques.

If this goes wrong, I know it will of no fault of hers. And hopefully, I don’t fuck up because we no longer have a wooded void beyond our balcony.

Trying out new themes

December 6, 2009

Yes, boy and, well, probably mostly girls, I’m trying out new themes. Since this is not Squarespace, there are a limited amount of themes that will work for me. And I’ve seen a bunch of themes that I like that blogs I follow are using. So let’s see whose I copy/emulate/use.

Wherein bribery becomes grey area…

December 1, 2009

Background – Mikey and I have Hellsing vol. 4 and chocolate cheesecake filling waiting. It’s 7:15pm. The Shortcake is still awake. Must speed up the bedtime process. Go.

Me: Shortcake, it’s time for a bath.

SC: No, I’m clean.

Come on, kid, let’s go! Momma’s gotta get her chocolate on!

Me: Your last bath was 3 days ago. You stink.

SC: No. I just smell like clean.

You’re killing me!

SC: See smell me. I smell like clean.

Fine. You wanna play hardball. I’m game.

Me: Mmmm…this is so tasty!

SC: gasp! What’s that?

Me: This is a bathtime snack. Only people in tubs get to have this.

SC: Uh-oh! I just smell like nasty! Smell my hair. It’s gross!


Spoonful of Yum

Moral of this story: chocolate cheesecake filling equals bedtime victory.
I would love to give up this recipe, but the problem is… I don’t know it. I threw stuff together to get it eaten before it went bad. My bad.